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National Timeshare Network Launches Xert Precision Suite for Email Marketing and Owner Communications

10.289.2012 - Alexandria, VA - Xert Communications, an emerging leader in enterprise multi-channel marketing solutions, today announced it has launched the Xert Precision Suite™ platform for one of the largest national timeshare networks as its enterprise destination marketing and owner communications platform.

The Xert Suite will enable the resort marketing teams to organize, measure and optimize one-to-one email marketing and owner communications campaigns containing millions of messages per month.

"We are pleased to welcome our latest enterprise customer to the Xert family," said Dave Battaglini, CEO, Xert Communications. "Xert’s focus on providing a high volume, easy-to-use platform with insightful analytics is a key factor in our ongoing partnerships with our larger clients. Combining premium performance with a high return on investment is a primary reason for our continued success."

The Precision Suite deployment will integrate with the resort networks internet marketing and CRM platforms, to provide seamless marketing preference management across multiple communications channels with multiple departments.

The Xert Precision Suite is an integrated software system combining industry-leading contact communications management and enterprise email. The suite is uniquely able to maximize the efficiency of a marketing team's email-based communication efforts and deliver substantive, measurable ROI.

The Xert Precision Suite platform delivers unmatched performance, analytics and ease of use for enterprise marketing and communication activities. By integrating with data capture and conversion points, it provides highly usable and relevant reporting and analysis including demographic, psychographic and conversion data on marketing offers, providing tools to continuously optimize marketing returns.

Xert Precision is built on a robust Microsoft SQL engine, and an extensible enterprise-class application layer. The open database structure, flexible Application Programming Interface (APIs), and 100% SaaS architecture of Xert Precision enables straightforward integration with front office, back office, ecommerce and legacy systems unmatched by other platforms.

About Xert Communications
Xert Communications is a leading provider of enterprise customer communications and marketing automation software and solutions. Xert’s solutions consist of interconnected modules for enterprise email marketing, enterprise contact management, events marketing and lead generation; enabling streamlined, workflow-based, real-time information management, analytics and reporting. Using Xert’s suite, our customers create significant leverage in their operations, drive new revenues, and reduce operating costs. Founded in 1999, Xert is based in Alexandria, Va., and provides applications and solutions to more than 100 customers including D.C United, PR Newswire The Smithsonian Institution, Sentara Hospitals, IEEE, Cort Furniture, Visioneer, and the Daughters of the American Revolution. For more information, visit the Xert website at

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