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Partner Benefits
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- technology benefits
- joint business planning
- marketing benefits

Gain leverage from our partner network.

Xert's partners benefit in a multitude of ways, including access to dozens of partner network resources, joint strategic opportunities, and early access to Xert's new products and solutions:

Partner Sales Benefits

Xert Communications sales contact list
Xert Communications provides a direct field contact list for qualifying partners to make it easier to drive business.

Partners Xert Communications Sales-To-Go Kit
This electronic toolkit includes presentations, sales presentations, sales contact information and collateral (brochures, FAQs, and data sheets), selling guides, demos, white papers and other tools.

Xert Communications field engagement
Xert Communications generates many leads through its marketing efforts. We work with our partners to take advantage of these leads.

Invitation to Xert Communications sales meetings
Qualifying partners are invited to participate in Xert Communications' closed-door sales meetings, giving them access to sales management and strategy.

Account Management
Xert Communications assigns an account manager to qualifying partners to drive partnership strategy, sales and programmatic activity.

Partner Technology Benefits

Discounted internal project development support
Xert Communications encourages the development of repeatable vertical and horizontal solutions. Partners can leverage Xert Communications for internal solution development projects.

Preferred status and discounts for sub-contracted consulting engagements
Proven partners with trained consultants will be the priority for referral engagements.

On-site technology reviews
Xert Communications Channel consultants deliver periodic on-site technology updates and demos.

Free Evaluation and Demo License
The Xert Communications Partner Evaluation Software Program enables partners to build value-added business applications and integrate additional functionality into existing products that enhance their offerings. It gives partners all the power of the Xert Communications platform for business and includes interactive demonstrations and technical support to get up and running quickly. Only Xert Communications partners or prospective partners may order Partner Evaluation Software.

Joint Business Planning

This is a valuable benefit, as it includes joint value propositions, and joint go-to-market plans. Joint business planning is comprised of the following elements:

Joint value proposition
Xert Communications jointly develops with qualifying partners a positioning statement - a brief statement that defines the market space addressed by the Products, and the problem(s) the products solve. The positioning statement also answers questions like "What is unique?" and "Why buy it from us?" The positioning statement is used to build all sales and marketing messages related to the products.

Joint go-to-market plan
Xert Communications develops with qualifying partners a go-to-market plan. This plan includes a timeline and milestones for the completion or delivery of the items in the plan. Also included in the plan is agreement on whether the marketing activities are true joint activities, or existing/planned activities to which we invite each other.

Assigned Xert Communications partner marketing resources
As a part of joint business planning, Xert Communications assigns marketing resources to the partnership effort.

There are many marketing benefits, including public relations, web site visibility and participation in Xert Communications events.

Public relations
Both organizations may issue press releases and may interact with the press and analyst communities.

Web site visibility
Xert Communications offers space on its website for qualified partners to articulate their offerings and to drive awareness and sales.

Direct mail and e-mail templates
Xert Communications makes its direct marketing campaigns available to qualifying partners. Partners target their top prospects with effective HTML emails and direct mail pieces.

Participation in Xert Communications events
Qualifying partners can participate in Xert Communications field and corporate events such as executive breakfasts, education courses, tradeshows, and other gatherings. Partners can speak with prospects through their own demo stations and/or presentation at the main pedestal of a tradeshow in which Xert Communications has a booth.

Joint custom campaigns
Partners engaging in joint business planning and funding with Xert Communications may develop joint custom campaigns. Partner and Xert Communications share both costs and business opportunities with custom sales and marketing campaigns.