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Build More Relevant Campaigns by Customizing Each Recipient's Email Content

The Xert PrecisionTM intelligent dynamic content wizards help marketers configure simple- to highly-complex conditional templates without any programming knowledge. With easy-to-use click and drop elements, logic is articulated separately from content, enabling easy reuse, testing and optimization of dynamic content. The intelligent system proofs your work, ensuring templates return accurate results.

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Easy-to-implement Conditional Content

Building and organizing conditional content is easy with Xert's Dynamic Content engine. Each conditional segment has an intuitive What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor, used to manage both HTML and Plaintext content. The wizard based system keeps conditional logic separate from content, making it easy to construct email content while you hone the related data segmentation.

Developing conditional content statements is easy too. Simple-to-complex conditions can be easily built by the marketing user, without query-writing or IT support.

Intelligent Segment Checking

Will your segments produce enough results to be effective? Xert's Dynamic Content Engine conditions checker provides marketers with intelligence on the segment balance and respective recipient exposure to multiple dynamic content blocks in a single email.

Using the conditions checker, marketers see exactly how many contacts will receive each dynamic content block, and indications that segmentation may be too restrictive for meaningful measurement.

Wizard-based Segmentation Engine

If you can say it, you can build it. Xert SF's Dynamic Content Engine includes intuitive wizards that enable marketers to easily articulate parameters used to restrict or enable content blocks. Using the myriad of demographic, psychographic and campaign data from the Xert system, marketers can set granular conditions which will be used to deliver specific content in dynamic emails.

Want to build a special-offer email, but include an additional incentive for customers who've bought $300 in products in the past two years, but less than $50 this year? It's fast and easy with Xert's Dynamic Content system.

Intuitive Content & Logic Building

Xert SF makes the complex process of dynamic content understandable and easy - create, manage, and test the content elements and conditions with our logic + content mapping screens.

Using this series of wizards, marketers can build the content and map out its conditional criteria. Editing and testing is easy, with the ability to change, reorganize and reprioritize the conditions at any time.