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Build Refined Email Campaigns By Restricting Recipients Based on Multiple Parameters

Sometimes is about what you don't say. The Xert SF suppression utilily can be used for simple to complex campaigns that require preventing contacts from receiving emails. Multiple combinations can be used, including list-, campaign-, recency- and frequency-based suppressions.

The SF email suppression utility enables suppression by:

  • Subgroups: suppress any contacts in specific subgroup(s)
  • Sent Emails: suppress contacts who've received specific email(s).
  • Email Date: suppress contacts who've received ANY emails between specific dates.
  • Recency/Frequency: suppress contacts who've received x number of emails in a date range.

Campaign Examples
The suppression utility is useful for simple-to-complex campaigns. A few examples include:

  • Send promotion email to all prospects, except for contacts at competitor companies.
  • Send promotion to all near-expiration members, except for those with high-level status.
  • Send promotion to contacts, except for those who were sent a market-test email.
  • Send promotion to contacts, except for those who overlap with another list.
  • Send email, except to contacts who've already received a promotional email recently.
  • Send email, except to contacts who've received 3 or more emails this month.

Requirements: The suppression utility requires Xert Precision version 3.5 or higher.
Availability: Immediately
Pricing: Licensing is free with a valid maintenance agreement. (Installation & configuration charges may apply.)

For more information on the Xert Precision Suite, please click here to contact us. If you need immediate assistance, please call Xert's sales department at 1.866.966.XERT.