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Xert Communications is a leading provider of Enterprise Interactive Marketing (EIM) software and services.

Our expertise, strategic knowledge and technology platform keep Xert and our customers at the forefront of our industry. Our solutions and services help our customers continually improve, measure and automate enterprise email-based marketing and communications with their customers, partners and other stakeholders.

Xert's systems for enterprise interactive marketing automation, enterprise contact management, and other corporate communications channel products provide streamlined, real-time information management and in-depth analytics. Using Xert's suite, our customers drive revenue, cut costs and harvest significant leverage in their marketing and communications operations.

Founded in 1999, Xert is a privately held, profitable company based in Alexandria, Va., and provides leverage for more than 100 customers including AARP, PR Newswire, MedImmune, The Washington Capitals, The Smithsonian Institution, Cort Furniture, Rosewood Hotels, and Visioneer.

Xert's management team consists of seasoned enterprise software, internet, business and networked professionals with experience in launching, growing and developing companies that deliver powerful results to our customers, partners and investors.

Xert is a proven indispensable force for our clients. Since the company's founding, our goal has been to be provide our clients with software, solutions and services that drive operational efficiencies, effectiveness and profitability by leveraging the latest technologies and best practices in the marketing & communications management field.

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