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Like successful businesses, partnerships must start with a clear market opportunity, a product or service to meet the opportunity, and a go-to-market plan. Xert offers a range of partnership programs - including joint marketing, selling, development, delivery and support to focus and drive these investments.

Our alliance program is based on delivering maximum value to our customers. We ally ourselves with leading companies that provide consulting and implementation services, software and technology, and proven track records that complement our industry leading platform of Enterprise Interactive Marketing (EIM) and stakeholder communications solutions. Building on the strengths of these industry leaders allows us to add significant value through comprehensive solutions that help our clients execute, monitor and optimize their core marketing and communications processes.

Xert Communications prides itself on its approach to building a diverse and powerful partnership network. We believe that conquering business challenges is made more difficult by the need to navigate the proliferation of so-called total eBusiness solutions. We believe that our best-of-breed approach, combined with our documented reputation for superior alliance relations, enables us to derive from alliances the maximum benefits on behalf of our clients for the delivery of truly 'total solutions.'

Comarketing Program
The free Co-marketing Partner Program is the easiest way for any partner to gain valuable technical and sales understanding of Xert Communications' powerful software platform.

Consulting Program
Consulting Partners are selected by Xert Communications based on their demonstrated ability to deliver engagements that include the Xert Communications platform, as well as their proven ability to fulfill customer requirements. Xert Communications Consulting Partners provide a range of services including Systems Integration, Project Management, Industry Solution Consulting, End User Training and Systems Administration

Solutions Program
Solutions Partners offer and support repeatable solutions, platform or application extensions and frameworks that incorporate the Xert Communications platform. Solution Partners offer and support: vertical-specific solutions, horizontal-specific solutions, fully developed QA and support.

OEM Program
OEM Partners are best-of-breed software, hardware, and service vendors that embrace, integrate and extend the Xert Communications platform into their applications. OEM Partners work closely with Xert Communications to optimize product integration, and to develop and implement joint marketing strategies and sales tools.