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With greater focus on cutting costs, health care organizations are searching for innovative ways to reduce expenses, while better serving their growing customer base. Customer marketing and communications are particularly suited to such innovative changes.

For example, both providers and patients are increasingly turning to prevention-oriented care for both health and economic reasons. However, prevention information is wide ranging, contradictory, and evolving. This information overload can be a deterrent to clients and patients, or worse, can lead them to make ill-advised choices.

Leading health care providers need to put information in front of customers, targeted to specific interest areas. Existing solutions - typically bulk newsletters - are increasingly expensive, insufficently targeted, and have no capability to 'close the loop' with the recipient.

In contrast, the Xert Precision Suite provides cost-effective enhancements and extensions to communications programs. By reducing bulk newsletter volume and increasing emails with targeted content, health care organizations can realize enormous savings and incresed communications effectiveness. The Precision Suite has multiple mechanisms to automate collection of preferences, organization of contacts, and distribution of targeted information. Extensive reporting delivers insights on opens, clickthroughs, even delivery failures, closing the loop with recipients.

Our healthcare solutions and team of seasoned interactive marketing staff can help increase your returns while reducing costs. With a decade of email marketing experience, established credibility with health care administrators, and a proven interactive communications platform, Xert Communications is your best partner in health care institutional communications.

For more information on the Xert Precision Suite, please click here to contact us. If you need immediate assistance, please call Xert's sales department at 1.866.966.XERT.

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