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Enterprise Contact Mangement, List Management & Analytics: On-Demand or Installed

Xert CM delivers a leading platform for enterprise-class contact and list management, analytics and reporting. As a module of the Precision Suite, Xert CM enables marketers and executives to manage, target and measure your customer relationships.

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Multi-Tier Contact Management

Organize and manage your company's contacts in multiple tiers, including: contacts, companies, and accounts. With Xert CM's multi-level contact management system, the foundation of your communications –your contacts– are organized, segmented, measured and analyzed. Xert CM's field management areas provide marketing administrators the ability to manage the data points used for each tier, without requiring help from your IT department.

List Management

Xert CM uses a unique system to manage your contacts in a three layer structure: contacts, lists and groups. This superior system enables marketers to manage contacts in multiple lists, list categories, and track communications at all three levels.

Deep Analytics & Reporting

Profiled as one of the top analytics and reporting providers, Xert Precision's analytics and reports provide unparallel insight into your company's communications and their results. Xert CM's analytics include 360º views of contacts, accounts and lists, including psychographic, demographic, and communications analytics. Extensive reports on communications history, top performing segments/contacts and more provide marketers with real-time, insightful and actionable information to improve business returns.

Advanced Segmentation

Use virtually any combination of data points to segment your target audience. Xert CM's advanced segmentation engine enables you to articulate simple-to-complex formulas based on demographic data, psychographic data, purchase history, communications history, and any combination thereof. Additionally, segmentation can include unlimited external data, providing a complete solution for contact targeting. Using the filter system in Xert CM, marketers can hone exactly the right audience for their message.

Automated Behavioral Segmentation

Utilize automatically-built segments based on recipients' past activities. Xert SF and CM automatically prep new lists from each campaign phase, based on recipients' final activities. For example, if you want to schedule a follow-up campaign for all contacts that demonstrated interest, but didn't ultimately purchase an item, you can. Xert CM makes it fast and easy.

A/B List Splitting

Easily split and re-split your lists into multiple, organized parts for testing content, message timing, variable offers, registration requirements, and more. Xert CM's list splitting wizard makes it easy to create new list sections using multiple methods.

Detailed Journaling

Capture, track and segment your contacts using historical activities from multiple channels including email campaigns, purchase history, direct mail campaigns, and call center activities. Xert CM automatically populates communications journals at contact and list levels. With Xert's detailed communications tracking, you can build advanced segments based on historical activities for more precise marketing.

Flexible Dupe Management

Xert CM manages duplicate records automatically, enabling a single, complete record for each contact in the system. Your data structure doesn't have to be email address-oriented; the criteria used to uniquely identify each contact are totally flexible, resulting in a system that works with your existing data. The dupe criteria can be changed over time, as your data becomes more complete and accurate.

Data Management Utilities

Data hygiene and accuracy is critical for effective database marketing. Xert CM helps ensure your data is accurate and clean, even though the source data may not be. Using Xert CM's data management utilities, you can quickly and easily update contact and account information en-masse. Examples include updating frequently misspelled email domains, mailing address appending, embargoing constantly bad email addresses, and much more.

Lead Generation & Forms Integration

Capture, track and automatically route leads from multiple web-based contact forms. This seamless integration provides an automated lead generation and contact processing platform. Xert CM integrates directly with Xert FM, the forms module of the Xert Precision Suite, enabling easy creation of lead generation forms. Xert CM automatically routes new contacts to specific lists & groups based upon specific parameters. Additionally, Xert CM can be configured to conditionally process existing contacts using specific business rules.

Direct Mail Integration

Integrate email with direct mail, creating true multi-channel campaigns. Xert CM contains several direct mail integration features, including automatic mailing label generation, direct-mail journal entry and the ability to integrate direct-mail results. This 360° approach enables marketers to have a complete set of marketing results for each contact, regardless of the communication medium.

Configurable Security Levels

Provide conditional access to your users, enabling them to see data and act upon only the information they should see. Using the Xert Precision Suite permission management system, you can configure multiple levels of access and activities at the information, list, module and function levels, enabling precise control of information and usage.