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ev: events marketing & management
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Enterprise Events Marketing & Mangement: On-Demand or Installed

Xert EV delivers a leading platform for enterprise-class event management, analytics and reporting. As a module of the Precision Suite, Xert EV enables marketers and executives to manage, target and measure your corporate events and webinars.

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Easy Event Creation & Management

Build, manage and market your events with a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform. Xert EV makes it easy to plan, market and execute multiple simultaneous events and manage attendees from registration through follow-up after the event. Integrated with the other modules of the Xert Precision Suite, the EV module provides straightforward wizards to build event marketing, invitations, registration, attendee management and reporting. Using Xert EV, you can spend less time getting tasks done, and more time improving your event results.

Automated Event Registration

Automate all of the steps in event registration, including prospect marketing, email invitations, registration, billing, confirmations, direct mailing, notifications, follow-up marketing and surveys. Xert EV provides all of the components for event marketers to streamline the event marketing and registration process.

Integrated Email Marketing

Automate event marketing with Xert's leading event-email marketing system. Xert EV is seamlessly integrated with Xert SF, the email marketing module of the Xert Precision Suite. The connected system helps marketers pre-configure each event's email marketing elements to drive awareness, increase registration and attendance, and perform logistic and follow-up communications. Xert SF's deep analytics deliver actionable information on event marketing effectiveness.

Event Marketing Webpages

Build integrated event marketing webpages using Xert EV's microsite builder and template manager. With an intuitive What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor, marketing and event managers can build detailed, branded web pages for event marketing and registration confirmation. The event template library makes it easy to build and lock down approved presentation templates so all your corporate events are consistent with your corporate brand and content.

Attendee Management and Communications

Easily organize, manage and check-in attendees. Xert EV comes with a built-in mailing label and badge printing wizard to help event managers fulfill direct mail marketing and on-site registration. The attendance system is integrated into the Xert CM list management application, to enable segmentation and follow-up marketing based on event attendance status and surveying. For example, if you'd like to follow-up with all the registrants who weren't able to attend the event or webinar, Xert EV makes it easy and effective.

Integrated Events Calendar

Organize all of your events in a brandable online calendar. Xert EV provides an integrated web-based calendar of your selected events. The calendar can be easily integrated into your website in both list form and traditional grid form. Additionally, the events calendar can be highly customized to match your corporate brand and marketing themes.

Simple-to-Complex Registration Forms

Build forms and automate conditional responses. Using Xert EV's form creation wizard, you can quickly and easily setup registration forms and automate follow-on actions. Xert EV lets marketers go beyond demographic and purchase fields during registration: You can create complex form elements using multiple field types, including dropdowns, radio buttons, multi-selects, and more. Using Xert SF and CM for integrated email marketing and list management, you can automatically route registrants to specific lists, or follow-up with specific email templates, depending upon the registration form data.

OnStream Media Webinar Ready

Invite, manage, register and measure attendance at webinars, right out of the box with Xert EV's integration with OnStream Media. OnStream Media is a leading online service provider of live and on-demand, rich media communications including webcasting, webconferencing and content publishing services. The integrated platform enables marketers to measure marketing conversions as well as detailed online attendance during live and archived web conferences.

Integrated Payment Processing

Xert EV provides turnkey ecommerce event registrations via an integrated CybersourceTM credit-card processing account, or by connection to your existing payment processor Xert EV's secure online payment processing and management system supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, JCB, debit cards, as well as PayPal. Additional payment options are available, including electronic checks and "bill me later" payment methods.