precision suite
sf: email marketing
cm: contact management
ev: events marketing &

fm: lead generation &
forms management


Enterprise Lead Generation & Forms Mangement: On-Demand or Installed

Xert FM delivers a leading platform for enterprise-class lead generation and forms management, analytics and reporting. A module of the Precision Suite, Xert FM enables marketers, IT members and executives to build, manage and measure your corporate lead generation and contact form initiatives.

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Easy Forms Creation & Mgmt.

Build, manage and automate your lead capturing and forms with a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform. Xert FM makes it easy to build, manage and measure lead and contact forms. Integrated with the other modules of the Xert Precision Suite, the FM module provides straightforward wizards to build complex forms, segment and follow-up with leads. Using Xert FM, you can spend less time getting tasks done, and more time improving your lead volumes and quality.

Simple-to-Complex Forms

Build contextual forms with variable requirements-easily. Using Xert FM's form creation wizard, you can quickly and easily setup lead generation and other forms, with conditional questions/fields with no assistance from IT or any programming skills. Xert FM lets marketers go beyond demographic and interest fields: You can create complex form elements using multiple field types, including dropdowns, radio buttons, multi-selects, and more. Additionally, you can route contacts to specific sales / customer service reps, or follow-up with specific email templates, depending upon the form data.

Integrated Email Marketing

Automate follow-up communications and marketing with Xert FM's responder wizards. Xert EV is seamlessly integrated with Xert SF, for email marketing and Xert CM for contact management. The connected system helps marketers pre-configure each form's response activities, including custom content responses, conditional emails and conditional contact segmentation. Xert SF's deep analytics deliver actionable information on the effectiveness of your email marketing to deliver leads through the FM module.

3rd Party Web Integration

Integrate with web analytics systems, advertising networks and partner lead generation systems. Xert FM can include custom code in each of its lead generation and contact forms, enabling direct integration for marketers to credit marketing campaigns, or track conversion points.

Form Conversion Analytics

Understand which email marketing campaigns are returning valid leads, and which aren't. Xert FM's integration Xert SF, the email marketing module of the Xert Precision Suite, provides a closed loop marketing system: All Xert FM forms are automatically set to credit email marketing campaigns when contacts complete forms. Using Xert Precision's Conversion Analytics, you can see which campaigns are generating qualified leads, rather than just web traffic.

Automated Lead Routing

Easily configure conditional routing rules, based on form data. Using Xert FM's routing wizard, you can set up contact segmentation and email notifications to specific sales reps based on any combination of form fields. For example, you can route existing-customer leads to appropriate client managers, or route prospect leads to sales reps based on the inquiry type or prospect demographics.

Automated Segmentation

Easily configure list segmentation rules, based on form data. Using Xert FM's segmentation wizard, you can set up contact segmentation to specific marketing lists based on any combination of form fields. For example, you can allocate existing customer inquiries to a cross-sell/ up-sell lists, or allocate prospect leads to initial marketing campaign lists based on the inquiry type or prospect demographics.

Automated Lead Follow-up

Easily configure follow-on marketing, based on data submitted. Using Xert FM and SF, you can set up triggered, dynamic marketing campaigns based on information submitted via each form. Integration among Xert FM, SF and CM makes it easy to build effective, conditional marketing campaigns specific to each lead type and campaign you plan.

Smart-Lead Review & Approval

Maintain the integrity of your sales lead data by quickly reviewing lead information-before it is added to your database. Xert FM's email-based smart-lead system enables your marketing and sales team to review the content of a lead submission and approve, delete, or review in detail. The approval or denial process is managed entirely via email, providing a one-click review, and a fast, accurate lead forwarding system.