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Enterprise Email Marketing, Analytics & Survey Management: On-Demand or Installed

More than just easy-to-use-email marketing software, Xert SF delivers a leading platform for enterprise-class email campaign management, analytics and reporting. As a module of the Precision Suite, Xert SF enables online marketers to manage, measure and optimize your email marketing channel.

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Incremental, Iterative, Acquisition & Retention Campaigns

Whatever your level of marketing sophistication and campaign categories may be, Xert SF has the power, ease and scalability to deliver results. With separate engines for campaigns, newsletters and integrated surveys, Xert SF has category-specific features for your interactive marketing needs.

Industry Leading Analytics

Real-time, streaming dashboards and reports provide unparalleled insight into campaigns and their effectiveness, from demographic to psychographic measurements. The end-to-end view of the real business results of your campaigns includes automatic recipient segmentation, enabling easy follow-up and analysis.

OptSenseTM Preference Management System

A higher level of opt management, Xert OptSenseTM system is an integrated theme management and suppression platform enabling recipients to manage their preferences at a granular level. The OptSenseTM system not only ensures recipients only get desired messages, it also provides more freedom than “all-or-nothing” permission systems.

Conversion Analysis

Xert SF enables straightforward integration with online and offline conversion points, via a variety of methods. Integration with e-commerce based systems, or non-commerce points of conversion enables marketers to measure the exact business returns from each email campaign.

Automated Segmentation

Xert SF automatically creates new recipient segments based on specific email reception & reaction behaviors. Using these intelligent list-creation features, you can easily optimize initial- and follow-up campaign segments.

Send Priority Management

Utilizing the integrated SMTP email server, Xert SF emails can be queued / overtaken based on hundreds of priority codes. Prioritization enables you to ensure that more important emails are sent first.

Triggered Emails

Initiate individual emails or entire email campaigns based on specific user activities. Using campaign triggers and dynamic lists, you can map and automate entire campaigns, step-by-step.

Fully Extensible Platform

Xert SF, and the other modules of the Precision Suite are highly customizable to meet your organizations unique requirements. From integration with back office applications, to customized workflow or advanced automation, Xert SF can be tailored to work the way you do.

Configurable Security Levels

Xert SF provides configurable access levels: multiple standard permission and rights levels are available, including email list view/use permission, data view/edit permission and communication restriction, all managed through a secure administration area. These features deliver the ability for your teams to have limited access to the lists, contacts, and data, providing complete information security.

Integrated Deliverability

Xert PrecisionTM has comprehensive, integrated deliverability tools covering message content and design through spam filter and inbox penetration. Inbox deliverability is covered at over 250 domains worldwide. The integrated design and content review tools help you verify valid email presentation in all major email clients and analyzes your content for potential delivery issues - before you send.

Flexible/Open Data Architecture

Xert PrecisionTM is the only enterprise email marketing platform with a 100% open, accessible and flexible data architecture. The open structure enables you to update and exploit all of your contact, product and campaign data for highly-targeted campaigns, survey, events and communications.


Using XML web services, you can build 2-way access to the data, content, and functionality of the Xert Precision Suite platform. Programming teams can integrate Xert Precision with website, lead generation, event registration, e-commerce, data warehouse, CRM, and other 3rd-party systems to develop comprehensive data integration and proactive marketing applications.