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Build Deeper Relationships with Integrated Email and Survey Campaigns

Xert SF includes an online survey management module to help marketers design and deploy online surveys and analyze the results to discover the true opinions and preferences of contacts. Using the survey module, marketers can build simple surveys, such as one-click polls; to more in-depth surveys integrated with email marketing campaigns. The survey management feature allows marketing professionals to gain a better prospective of their prospects’ needs, as well as strengthen their relationships with existing customers.

Xert SF's online survey software includes all the tools you need to design and deploy online surveys and analyze the results, without any technical knowledge. Developing an integrated email marketing and online survey campaign is fast and easy with the pre-built integration in Xert SF.

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Integrated Email Marketing & Surveys

Developing integrated email marketing and online survey campaigns is fast and easy with the pre-built integration between Xert Precision's survey and email marketing modules. Using the survey management and analytics engine in Xert SF and Xert CM, marketers can:

  • Automate follow-up campaigns to survey respondents
  • Segment email campaigns based on survey answers
  • Measure conversions of survey-marketing emails
  • Build dynamic content blocks specific to survey answers

Survey-Based Contact Segmentation

Xert SF's survey module is tightly integrated with Xert CM, which keeps detailed communications history for each contact, their reactions to all emails, and their responses to all Xert surveys and forms. Using the Xert CM's segmentation wizard, you can easily segment contacts based on answers to specific surveys, or a combination of survey answers and email reactions.

For example, using the segmentation wizard, you can select contacts who shop online as a result of emails and further target contacts who indicated they'd buy more if offers were personalized.

NPS Surveys

Xert SF is the only online survey system to deliver NPS surveys out-of-the-box. NPS surveys measure customer recomm-endation levels. With a proven link between NPS and increased customer demand, a high NPS is positively correlated to increased future growth.

Net Promoter Scores was invented by Bain consultant Fred Reichheld and has quickly been adopted by many of the major organizations in the United States. According to General Electric's CEO Jeff Immelt, NPS is the "best customer metric I have ever seen".

Xert SF's NPS survey element provides a quick and easy process to launch and measure Net Promoter Score surveys.

Survey Templates

Create and organize a visual library of your surveys' branding / colors / layout with Xert SF's survey template manager, including survey-specific landing and exit pages. All of your creative elements can be created and managed through our intuitive wizards or highly manipulated with external CSS files, providing complete presentation control.

titleernatively, Xert's marketing program and design services team can help you implement your design, or create one for you.

Net Promoter is a registered trademark of Satmetrix Systems, Inc.